Tesselation Video, Incorporated (TVI) (http://www.tvivideo.com) makes efficient use of internet capacity by reducing the cost of video distribution. TVI's patented video technology offers a solution to the internet's video "traffic jam" by greatly reducing video file sizes without compromising video quality. Our technology is a bridge between current compression technology (H.264) and proposed new coding methods. Carriers and CDN's that deploy our technology will meet the broad-based 4K-UHD standards without having to purchase new equipment and software.

TVI incubated its technology for over four years and it is now ready for deployment in Windows, Mac or Linux. We seek investors and partners who will exploit this technology in the mobile phone, telecommunications and video sectors.

John Woodman, CEO and founder held operational and managerial positions with IBM, Philips NV, Signetics, Morgan Stanley and Prudential. He is a Senior Member of the IEEE and has degrees in Physics, Mathematics and a Master's in Business Administration.
He holds multiple patents in semiconductor technology.